A Better FX Broker

At GoForex we are always on the lookout for brokers. New and old. And recently, a favorite of many, has come to our attention again. One of the great things about them is the fact that they are always running great ad campaigns, with nice extras for when you decide to open a new account with them.

The broker I want to draw your attention to is IronFX. We have collected a great number of positive user reviews about them and personally we are really satisfied using them.

And their current promotion is literally out of this world! Because you can win A TRIP TO SPACE! How awesome is that!? And that is not all, because if you win you get to be the first trader to trade from space!

It doesn’t come for nothing of course, so you will have to compete in a trading competition organized by Iron FX. Where you will be competing with other traders and test your and their luck. But all you have to do is sign up and open a trading account with them. It’s that easy. But that is not all… Traders will compete for the ultimate prize of a phenomenal experience on a suborbital spaceflight, worth $250,000 or choose $100,000 in cash! So you don’t have to go, if you are scare of heights. One hundred runners-up will also receive between $100 and $5,000 cash prize! Does that sound good, or what?

You can click here to sign up for the competition.

Good luck! And safe trading.

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